THE BET Screenplay and Short Story


The Screenplay and Short Story by Michael Dunn & Chris Smith

In the hallway of a derelict building, a young woman is dumped and left. She is bound and gagged. Alone. The door on the opposite side of the hallway opens. Another man drags her away and into his room.

One minute. That’s the rule. One minute in each room.

As each of the two men wait for the minute to pass, biding their time in their unique way, they reveal more about the truth behind the game. And, slowly, the young woman will understand where she is and why she’s there.

The screenplay for THE BET by Michael Dunn & Chris Smith, available for the first time, is presented with the original short story by Michael Dunn. Together, they provide a unique insight into a moral tale, different in each medium, yet each with a strikingly powerful message. Includes stills from the film.

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2009 | 74 pages | 5.83″ x 8.26″ | Paperback
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