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About the Book

From a period spanning 15 years, the works herein were a way of exorcising the emotions and thoughts that would have poisoned from the inside. Now, for the first time, they are collected and presented for the public. Understand, though, these stories were never meant for anyone else.

Whether the setting is a desolate apartment building, a porno set or an everyday high school, it’s still a world from the imagination of Michael Dunn. His characters, often struggling to survive even an ordinary life, are thrust into unusually grim situations which test their ability to adapt.

The short stories and poems included in this anthology are dark and disturbing, but—at times—funny and insightful. And even inspirational, despite their bleakness. To find the light in the dark is to know how to not be afraid.

The mass market paperback contains previously unpublished stories.

2014 | 298 pages (Paperback) | 288 pages (Hardcover) | 334 page (Mass Market Paperback) | Horror