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Two men have a long-standing game of placing a wager on the fate of those unfortunate enough to cross their path. Their latest pawn is a young woman with a mysterious past.

About the film

THE BET is an independent short film that has earned praise from critics around the world. Set in a run-down building, a young woman is dragged from one room to another. Bound and gagged, her only hope is to escape. But there is more to this game—and the two men playing—than it seems. The film debuted at CineVegas and has received international acclaim for its story and look.

2007 (Standard) | 2014 (Remastered) | 19 minutes | Thriller | Color | Stereo
IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes
Retail trailer for THE BET
Theatrical trailer for THE BET

The Cast of THE BET


James (Walt Turner) and The Girl (Courtney Stavros)


The Girl (Courtney Stavros) faces an undetermined fate.


Lou Diamond stars as Henry.


Henry breaks the rules.


James (Walt Turner) examines a knife.


James struggles to get The Girl to remember her past.


Courtney Stavros plays "The Girl."


Walt Turner stars as "James."


Lou Diamond … Henry
Courtney Stavros … The Girl
Walt Turner … James
Mat Planet … Donnie
Shannon Sarver … Marie
Mike Minnick … The Guy in the Hallway
Drew Marvick … The Man in the Bedroom


Michael Dunn … Director
Matt Wilkinson … Producer
Michael Dunn & Chris Smith … Writers
Kurt Rauf … Director of Photography
John McClain … Sound Design
Rachel Bellinsky … Music
Michael Dunn … Editor