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So, apparently there are multiple males (that’s what the cop people say) living in the house. And one of these males was holding multiple females hostage (which is sometimes okay – well if you can pull it off, it’s awesome) and the cops were getting the chicks out one-by-one, save the last one which is when they retreated. Even when they blew in the door with EXPLOSIVES! the dude still wouldn’t give up. So they sent in the K9 unit which made him his chewtoy (the dog may have also anally raped him, too, but nobody will corroborate that). Then he gave up and came out and got TAZED (wow, dog fucked and tazed, that’s a bad night). My question is, how’d the dog know who to chomp on? And, apparently, they are renting the house. Yay. I want to move. No, I want everyone else to move. To space. Or really far away. And let me swim naked without worrying about the cops showing up to bust some dick with harem issues. Oh, and, if you’re the cause of the commotion, and the cops fuck up your shit (tires and door and all that – yes, they shanked his tires) insurance WILL NOT cover it. Lesson learned.

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  • shannon says:

    Let me guess: this is the drunk blog. Too many images.

    On another note? You have neighbors that hosted a tazing. Cool.