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I don’t know if these things actually work, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Yes?

Canon is releasing the 5D Mark II in November. It’s a great still camera and one of the first to shoot video. However, it only shoots 30fps. There is no option for 24fps. If you don’t know, 30fps is a video frame rate while 24fps is a film frame rate. It’s why a soap opera and a motion picture look so different (well, aside from lighting and all that). As a filmmaker, I can’t shoot 30fps and pass it off as “film.” “The Bet” was shot digitally at 24fps and people assumed it was shot on 35mm film.

Anyway, even if you don’t know why it needs to be there, many people do, and we want the choice of shooting 24fps. Go HERE to to request the feature.

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