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Around 1987, with the release of Boy George’s first solo album Sold, there was a 12″ single (yes, I still love vinyl and still have a ton of 12″ mixes) for the title track which featured Mr O’Dowd in a rather provocative shirt. I (at the tender age of 16) would have killed for that shirt then, but would never have worn it. I, though, have a new hero in Will Forte (of SNL fame) who wore what looks like the same exact shirt for a recent Entertainment Weekly cover story on SNL. I would DIE now to own said shirt. There’s gotta be some crazy public something-or-other I can wear this to that will make the people scream.

Will Forte:
If anyone knows where I can find a shirt like this, please please please let me know and I’ll be forever indebted and will mention you in the awards speech where I wear it proudly (and hopefully get on some worst dressed list).

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