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She could so rock the role of Julia in Detox. After seeing her in Cloverfield (which was really kinda meh) which I already had seen her best performance (or one of) in the exclusive clip when Hud is trying to interview her on camera, I kinda thought I might feel like I’d really like her as an actress. Of course, I knew everything there could possibly be to know about Cloverfield before seeing it on screen, including the fate of Lizzy neĆ© Marlena, and could plainly see what her “arc” was gonna be, but that didn’t stop me from becoming completely engaged by and invested in her character. That wasn’t the director, nor the writer, nor the uberproducer… that was Lizzy.

Open invitation: Lizzy Caplan, if you are reading this or if someone you know is reading this and they gotta tell you, I am inviting you to be the lead female character in Detox. It’s not a glamorous role. But then was Kim Basinger’s in 9 1/2 Weeks? Not to say it’s a role that, um, weak… but you are a victim. And I need the victim to be strong, even in her weakness. Someone who could be present and interesting even if subjugated by an insane-esque captor. Someone that shines even in darkness. I need power where powerless and charisma where few could muster it. Lizzy Caplan, contact me and we can make this film work.

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