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Today I’m going to be directing my first evah music video. Like “The Bet,” the most nerve wracking thing is that since we are doing it on the uber-cheap, that something will go wrong. Luckily, the video doesn’t have a strict narrative, so some muddling wouldn’t be noticeable. Still, though, I just want it to go smoothly.

My wife is doing the first makeup look and I’m driving her nuts with “It’s sort of a high-fashion corpse look with dramatic eyes and no lips, but the color are muted and maybe there’s yellow in there somewhere…” I’m surprised I can ever get what’s in my head to be understood by another person.

Tomorrow we’re shooting some of the props from the film as still life images that will be incorporating in the video. I decided to do something that acknowledges the film rather than try to duplicate the film. Speaking of which, I need to get the film burned onto a DVD since there’s a shot of the TV from the film, with the film playing on it. Man what I wouldn’t give to have had a week off to plan for this thing.

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  • Vixx says:

    I need a copy of that DVD too. It sucks donkey balls that I’ve still yet to have the chance to see this! 🙂

    Enjoy the music vid!

    V xx