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Not really sure what happened, but as of Friday morning (today is Monday), there’ve been about 100 friend requests on “The Bet’s” MySpace page. Not really sure what triggered it, but, well, just weird. Not to mention there’s been a TON of hits on the videos (both the original trailer and new retail trailer posted yesterday). About 380 hits today. That’s more than the original trailer had after 4 months being online. Liek I said, not really sure what happened. And it’s not all those “MySpace wouldn’t let me post my nude photos” kinds of profiles. There’s some really talented filmmakers that are suddenly knocking on “The Bet’s” door, which is just, well… Why? or, Why now?

I just thought it was weird.

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  • Greg Bates says:

    I thought it was weird how you were’nt getting any pub on the typical cinematography web boards. Especially with some of the crap tha gets “love” from the filmmaking community. So it’s not weird, it’s about f’ing time.