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I am on the fence with the whole remake thing. The Psycho remake sucked, but I’m all for a version of it that is closer in tone and the character of Norman Bates in the book. What Van Sant did was wrong. I think they did a nice job with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. I won’t even touch the whole Asian horror remake trend. But now there’s news that I absolutely am pissed about.

Bloody-Disgusting just posted news that Lionsgate is looking to remake Jacob’s Ladder. No. NONONO. That is just entirely unnecessary. The original is a classic. Perfect. And timeless. No. DO NOT REMAKE! I will not see it. I will not let anyone I know see it. I will boycott the damn thing. NO!

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  • Vixx says:

    Good Christ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You’ve totally summed up my own feelings – it’s timeless, it’s perfect. It CANNOT be bettered.

    V xx

    (Quick random/related story: Woke up on the night my son was born in hospital, knackered beyond belief and very, very confused. Had left TV on when dropped off and on waking around 2am, there was a scene of SHesque monsters shuffling around a dirty, dank hospital. Thought I had either a) died in childbirth; b) was having a reaction to my epidural or c) freaking out. Thought it was a dream until M came in the following day and said he’d recorded JL for me!)