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From The Horror Explorer:

Michael Dunn makes his directorial debut with the short film “The Bet.” The story is based around two men and an unfortunate young woman for whom the bet revolves around. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It has a look and feel to it that is dark and eerie which I liked a lot. The acting is top notch, and Michael Dunn in my opinion did a great job of directing. If I didn’t know this was his first film, I would never have guessed. In wrapping up I would recommend people check out “The Bet” if they get the chance. At least check out the trailer, because if you see the trailer you will want to see the movie. My only gripe about the movie is I wish it could have been longer, but if it were then it wouldn’t be a short film then would it. I give “The Bet” 4 out of 5.

Not too bad for an official first review.

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