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I told Chris “The Bet” was so close to be finished I could feel it in the back of my throat. Yes, it’s that close and that annoying. Well, only annoying because after going through post production I was being the diva director and wanted to get my fingers into it and massage it in a way I thought only I could. Long story. But the short version is that I made some technically small but artistically gigantic steps on the color (it went from looking good to super awesomely creepy) which was no fault of the colorist. I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to explain it. Learning curve on my part. And the sound felt a bit off to me, but after listening to it a dozen times without worrying if I was bugging the crap out of the sound guy, I’m starting to like it. And having the files in front of me I figured out what it was that was bugging me – something that might have taken hours with the sound guy and just a few minutes on my own – again, nothing against him. It’s me. The biggest problem I’m facing doing it on my own is that I don’t have an NTSC monitor to check against, so I’m pretty much guessing, rendering, burning a DVD and chceking on a TV. LOOONNNGGGG way around, but, again, not bugging the crap out of the guys who are probably sick of this thing by now.

And I have a secret – a really fucking awesomely cool super duper awesome secret – that I’m just busting to let loose, but refuse to. And if you are actually reading this and ask really, really nice, I just might tell you what it is. My way of seeing who reads this stupid blog at least.

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