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With a location found, now comes the task of coordinating everyone’s schedules. We’re tentatively set to shoot the three weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hopefully it works out, since the CineVegas submission deadline is rapidly approaching. By March 15th, we need to cast, build sets, shoot, edit, score and finish. Basically everything. I’m now on a quest to see if I can do the HD edit myself and at least save one step in post.

As soon as I have a lock on the crew’s availability, casting will begin. I know it’s not a huge, studio feature film with relatively bottomless pockets behind it, but the script is pretty good, and in the hands of some darn good actors, the characters will really come to life. Plus, I’m hoping the short production (three Sundays of shooting) will be a help, rather than a hindrance.

So that’s the dates and deadlines. What about the “doom?” Well, I’m hoping there is none. But with so many balls being juggled in such a short amount of time, i can hear it coming. It’s not knocking on the door, yet. Hasn’t even found the door to start knocking. But I can hear it trolling the neighborhood, just waiting to attack.

So, I’m adding “Doom Watch” to the list of things to do. Right now, we’re at DefCon 0.

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