On the perfectly-numbered 7th draft we have a winner. A balance of all things we’ve wanted from the very beginning. Subtle yet intense. Ambiguous but clear. At about 18 minutes (which should keep us at a 20-minute projection reel with credits) we have our final draft.

Now, as Chris said, “Let’s find a spot and shoot this fucker!” No better words could possibly be said. So onward and upward.

I found the $200 left over from my Christmas bonus two years back that was being held onto for tattoos. Since we’re pretty tight on cash until the folks close and we get our check, I’m “donating” the cash to myself (don’t ask) and buying the origami book to get started on the angels. Once I have the book and I have a decent angel made, I can get some photography cooking and get the promotional materials going and drum up some interest in this crazy thing.

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  1. Finally! Good to know the ball is rolling. I’ve got your website bookmarked for updates. This is Numb Body01 from SHHF btw.

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