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🎃 Octoberween:


I might have just really been in the mood for it. I might have been a little high. Either way, I really liked The Boogeyman.

I’ve seen the Frank Darabont-directed short a few times and, obviously, read the short story by Stephen King, so I’m familiar with the story. It gets changed up a bit here, which is maybe my one big problem overall.

David Dastmalchian plays Lester Billings, the tormented father (and main protagonist) from the short story and he is surprisingly good. I wanted more of him, but he’s pretty much just a set up to get us to the real lead (sorta) who’s an emotionally distant psychologist with two daughters and a wife who recently died. Dastmalchian’s performance, though…

The shift from Billings to Harper and, eventually, his kids drags the film down a bit for me. I know most people don’t find grown men fun to be scared for in horror, preferring generally weaker or more vulnerable characters to relate to. The Silent Hill movie is an example of that. But I, as a grown man and father, am down for some serious, dramatic horror to befall an onscreen dad who can be weak and vulnerable not because of gender but situation.

Anyway, aside from that, it’s well paced, has some cool shots… it’s just good. I think this might end up getting rewatched at some point soon, if not this month, next, maybe after revisiting the short story.