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🎃 Octoberween:


A weird one.

I’m not a big fan of films that pretty much jump right to the third act, or so it feels. And I am a big fan of character development. Characters are a big reason I tend to rewatch films (okay, so visuals are the biggest reason).

We basically get almost a montage of Brynne’s life in the first few minutes before an alien invades her home. It was about this point I realized there hadn’t been any dialogue (just sighs and chatter). After she survive the attack, she makes it to town, is spit on the sheriff’s wife (we still don’t know the backstory) and leaves without help. I think if I’d been in that situation, the first human I saw, I’d be begging for help.

Thus begins a fairly nonstop attempt to escape/survive but in super low-key fashion.

The effects were… off. The alien design were interesting but nothing super new. A phone in by the filmmakers.