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🎃 Octoberween Foreplay:


So I cheated and broke my 2-month hiatus from horror films because A) I like them a lot and miss watching them and B) I want to get into the Halloween spirit — I usually get the feeling around July and by October it’s gone. So I thought I’d try something I’d seen before, but only once, and don’t really remember too much.

I do remember not really liking this one when I watched it the first time. It was quite a bit different than the traditional horror film, and Sam, the son, was freakin’ annoying (which has been discussed in numerous online places.

BUT… This time, I really liked it. Liked it a LOT. And Sam didn’t bug me the way he had and the way I was expecting him too. I “got” the story easily this time and, that out of the way, really enjoyed it. More than I thought I would.