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Anthologies rule. Unless they don’t.

It’s really not that hard of a thing to do. Especially when there are multiple directors for the segments. They do their thing. Add a wraparound story. Voila! Here we have a theatre that one person at a time gets a ticket, goes to an empty theatre and watches a film that inexplicably stars them. Mickey Rourke is the projectionist, which is cool, but why would he be wandering around the theatre? Doesn’t quite hold up.

And here we’ve got David Slade, Joe Dante, Mick Garris… Well, the last one might be an indicator of the quality of the this film. I’ve never been a Mick Garris fan. But David Slade is generally somewhere between Awesome and Amazing.

The segments are just kinda boring. They feel like the new Twilight Zone episodes. Decent production value, some star power and… that’s about it.