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I didn’t realize Halloween haunts were such prime fodder or horror films. Obviously, Hell Fest wasn’t the first. This won’t be the last. But despite their ubiquity and possibility, I’m already getting bored.

We have young people. They go to a haunt. The haunt is a faΓ§ade for killers. The young people die. But here, you don’t get to find out who they are. Why they’re doing this. Aliens are mentioned. Really? That they kill and take the face of their victim? Ummmm. Not quite in the right genre and not really mentioned again.

Some things don’t really make sense or have lazy logic. The “faceless” killers were ho-hum. The effects were well done. The acting was passable. But there was nothing WOW here.

Another haunt film (aside from the inevitable Haunt 2 and Hell Fest 2) will come along soon. Hopefully it can find a twist for the subgenre, or the subgenre might not be around much longer.