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Night of the Paw ★★★

Maybe I’m being too hard on this show. But it could be soooo great. At least this one, which is another Monkey’s Paw story, has a bit of a change-up in the plot. The protagonist is a killer (she euthanized her husband… with a gun — a few more humane, less murdery ways to do that) who, running from the police, is in a car crash. She makes her way to a funeral home where she’s fixed up. That’s when she finds out she has been called here as a final wish from the funeral home director to kill him (and take the money’s paw). He’s already seen it destroy his wife — and him. But, ultimately, the payoff isn’t satisfying.

Times is Tough in Musky Holler ★½

Didn’t the people who wrote this learn to show not tell? Talk talk talk. Ugh. So boring, only to lead to a dull final act/moment. That’s all.