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A fairly stock slasher (the name on the film is even SLASHER). But it got mired down in story. Keep it simple folks. We want tits and gore.

While their parents make out at a drive-in, two 10-year-old-ish twin boys wander off. One of them (Terry) is fascinated by another couple making out, watching them, then hacking the guy’s face with a hatchet. Terry covers his brother, Todd, with blood, gives him the hatchet, effectively framing him for the murder.

Ten years later, Todd escapes from his “school” while Louise Lasser (and some of the worst hair ever to be allowed on film) overacts her way through the rest of the movie. Now that Todd is free (and everyone is scared he’s coming back to kill them), Terry figures its a good time to start killing — easy enough to put the blame on Todd again.

Some pretty decent effects ensue until Lasser, thinking it’s Todd, shoots Terry to save Todd and Terry’s girlfriend. That is a confusing sentence. But when she realizes it’s Terry she’d killed, she kills herself.

I didn’t love it. Actually enjoyed a few moments, but the acting was lame-o. Mark Soper, Tood/Terry, did a fairly good job showing the differences in Todd and Terry, but I think it was more about the hair. If they’d had the same hairstyle, his acting wouldn’t have seemed as good.

I didn’t hate it, but the late ’80s were no place for slashers.