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Another early-’80s film that slipped through the cracks. I might have seen this before, simply because Meg Tilly’s in it (and I love Meg Tilly; she added a whole star to my rating), but it wasn’t even a little bit familiar.

Not a particularly great film but not horrible. The premise is classic: a girl (MEG TILLY!) wants into a sorority, but since she’s dating one of the other sisters’ ex-boyfriend, initiation is going to be hell. That initiation includes having to spend the night in a mausoleum.

Not as scary as it might seem, at least after she walks around, exploring, finding several places she could hole up away from the hallways of bodies. BUT! Just that day (or so) a bio-vampire guru was buried in there. And he’s coming back to life.

Has anyone ever had this perfect blend of innocence and not? And that voice!

Finally, some death and scares. Not a lot though. It’s all so muddily paced and plotted. If Meg Tilly added a full star, the horrible condition of the print added (yes, added) a half star. Lots of scratchiness and taped together splices and cigarette burns. Just a shoddy transfer, but all these things worked in it’s favor. The screenplay sure didn’t.