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Slowly, slowly creeping downhill. The stories are starting to feel like they had a Friday afternoon brainstorm that got off track, and nothing was really hashed out. Or they were excited to be a part of it, but the effort to actually make the show was too much. I don’t know, but the show is slipping fast.

The Companion ★★

This one seemed more convoluted than it needed to be. IMDB wraps it up like this:

13-year-old Harold chooses to investigate the deserted homestead of the late Raymond Brenner, and finds that he has another Companion: a deadly, indestructible scarecrow.

It felt rushed but slow. Not great.

Lydia Layne’s Better Half ★½

I hate when two people fight. One gets killed by something that looks like an accident. The other person freaks and tries to get rid of the body. If it looks like it could have been an accident, leave it at that. But this is Creepshow, show we’re not leaving it at that.

I think this highlights one of the show’s flaws. The characters. While this might have been an ok (meh) segment, it could have really benefitted from some juicy characters. Lydia Layne could have been a royal, over-the-top bitch, but she was kinda trying to do something nice even it was kinda selfish. And her decision to dispose of the body was apparently just instinctual. No real thought put into it. Opps, she died, I’ll get rid of her. No one will know. But if she’d been a raving, cold… She could have had more of Billy’s (from the original film) bitchiness or Grantham’s persistence or Pratt’s cold assholeishness. Instead, she’s a PG-13 version of a villain.