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Had to rewatch this one, couldn’t remember any of it. I think I watched it first last Octoberween, which is probably why it’s hard to remember. So many films in 31 days.

Anyhoo. This one has a wraparound that’s missing in Part 2. It also has Art the Clown, (also missing in Part 2), played here by Mike Giannelli (later played by David Howard Thornton in Terrifier to a much, much creepier level).

I have a suspicion that these were short films cobbled together with a wraparound story to make a feature. I could be wrong. But that’s how it feels. In all, it’s good. The creepiness is high. There’s some good gore. The acting is surprisingly good. And it’s set on Halloween (with a joke about babysitting on Halloween), so what’s not to love?