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He came back. A rewatch from just a couple of months ago. This is the one that kicked off my Halloween feeling this year. Back in July. Whoops

Honestly, an unpopular opinion, but I think this is a fair sequel. And, honestly, I think it’s better than the 2018 Halloween sequel (which I’m not a fan of and bummed there is more of the same coming — which I’m sure I’ll see).

At some point, Laurie got busy and had a kid who is now orphaned and living with a new family. Little Jamie is teased about being an orphan and that her uncle is the boogeyman. But she’s the one laughing when he comes for her, but she buys his old costume and kills her foster mom!

Spoiler alert.

The scare are effective enough. I think what hurt the film was it tried to go more graphic horror when horror was being chopped down by the MPAA, so audiences were left feeling cheated.