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Rewatch from… whenever it first came out VHS? I was never a huge fan of TCM for some reason, probably because the films played in that “creepy, true-to-life horror” that just felt too real.

But there’s something different about Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 that made it even worse. It was funny. When I watched it way, way back when, I felt a bit like I wasn’t in on the joke. Watching it now, I’m probably still not in on the joke, but at least I can appreciate it.

I forgot how much effects were in the film — honestly, I only remembered Leatherface sticking his chainsaw in Stretch’s crotch. Too real. Tom Savini shines in this playground — of course — with over-the-top effects, while Dennis Quaid matches with an over-the-top performance.

All in all, fun, gory, doesn’t take itself seriously… pretty fun film.

This guy right here FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT!