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Uh-oh, the stars are a-slipping. Despite the use of the gobos and colored lighting (FINALLY!) the stories just aren’t working. The pacing is still glacier slow. I almost wouldn’t be too upset if I didn’t see another episode. Which is a bummer.

There’s so much potential here.

Jeffrey Combs gives a VERY good performance and is rewarded with signature Creepshow lighting.

I’m just so bummed this isn’t better, but I think it comes down more to the writing than anything else. The original Creepshow stories were bare bones simple. Father’s Day is no more than a campfire story come to life. Think about it. Tell the spooky story around a campfire — which is what happens when Sylvia Grantham tells Hank about Aunt Bedelia killing her father — and the campfire story comes true. Simple. Now, flesh out the characters. If possible, make it a karma story. Add some macabre humor. Bingo.

So in the first segment, “Bad Wolf Down,” we meet a group of soldiers in WWII, who take refuge in an old police station. Something weird happened here, blood on the walls, claw marks, and a woman in the jail cell. But she doesn’t want out; she’s locked herself in. She’s a werewolf. And she wants to die. Trapped with the Nazis closing in, the soldiers realize the only way to survive is to become werewolves. They help her die, and in return, she gently bites each of them. They obliterate the Nazis and escape. Not quite as streamlined of an idea as “A germophobe is attacked by cockroaches.” Hmmm, “Trapped soldiers become werewolves to escape.” Not as fun.

But there is a nice return to colored lighting that I’ve missed.

In the second episode, “A man finds a finger which grows into a revenge monster.” OK, that just sounds like you’re high, but that’s the gist. A down-and-out man finds a finger and takes it home. After spilling beer on it (too bad it wasn’t champagne) it starts growing. Now it has two fingers. Now it’s am arm. Now it’s a Numb-Body-looking creature crossed with Lizzie from the “Inside the Closet” episode of Tales from the Darkside. This one suffers from a little too much dialogue, but there is some humor. It’s just not particularly clever.

Numb Body from Silent Hill 3 and Lizzie from “Inside the Closet.”