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Michael Dunn’s books are grouped together on two of the most popular book-related websites, making it easier to buy or discuss his works.

The name Michael Dunn is too common. For a long time, a Google search would provide links to the dwarf actor. Then, links to the man who shot Jordon Davis for playing music too loudly. Will the top search result ever be Michael Dunn the author and filmmaker? No way of knowing, so in the meantime, the best way to be sure you’re seeing all of the content produced by him, is, of course,

Now, two more options are available. Dunn’s books are correctly linked to his name on Amazon and Goodreads. Amazon offers Prime shipping if you want to buy, and Goodreads provides a place to discuss the books with your network of friends. Goodreads also allows a unique “Ask the Author” feature.

Visit Michael Dunn’s AMAZON page or GOODREADS page.