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Twin brothers believe one of them should have been absorbed in utero and look for a way to do what nature didn’t.

About the Book

Stéphane has always felt different. He’s never fit in, always on the fringe, always jealous of his twin brother and living vicariously through him. Rémy’s never thought twice about it, just living his life the only way he knows how: spontaneously. But for each of them, there’s a need they’ve been trying to repress. Stéph doesn’t think his left arm belongs on his body, but until he heard of another person with the same feeling, he did his best to ignore it. Now, after telling Rémy, the two of them search for a way to make him feel complete by removing his arm. When they meet an underground surgeon running a support group, Rémy begins to understand what’s been missing from his life. As their surgery looms, promising to bring them closer than ever, Stéph’s awakening and relationship with one of the support group members threatens to break them apart.

2014 | 303 pages Paperback | 292 pages Limited Edition Hardcover | Drama