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It’s October – the month of my favorite holiday – and i decided to watch a horror film every day, hoping to watch films i hadn’t seen before or had seen once a long time ago. This is coinciding with my “wear a different horror-themed shirt to work all month” mission.

Well, I fucked up on day one and watched nothing. Day two gave me Fright Night which was a pleasant blast from the ’80s – and a nice intro for my elder son who watched the scary bits from behind his hand.

Today I planned on watching Borderland, an After Dark film (and I love the After Dark films), but my computer A is too old to accept Netflix’s tech, my PS3 played some random Spanish film and my laptop had a font issue. Fuck it. So I ended up watching Kalifornia, which is an old favorite though I haven’t watched it for some odd years. My wife came down, and I said “What do you say?” It took a second, but finally she recognized the film and said, “You look good with a gun, Brian!” in the best Juliette Lewis drawl. One of our catchphrases. Don’t judge. I still think Bojan Bazelli is a god.

Yesterday, I was hoping to assist on a short film shoot (had helped a few weeks ago), but was doing some freelance that bled over into the shooting schedule and couldn’t make it. Hoping there’s at least one more day of shooting so I can get out there. Some phenomenal shot from still photog Marcus (see photo at left). Made me even more jealous I wasn’t there.

So, we’ll see if I can squeeze in the HMaD (Horror Movie a Day). Maybe if The Sci-Fi Center was next door, I’d be all up in some awesome horror shit. As it is, I’m getting my ass up early to watch what Netflix can play. Anyone got some interesting choices? Thank to Mat Planet & his lovely sidekick, Troll and Troll 2 are in the program as a double feature as soon as I have that much time to devote.