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Everyone is up (or less down) than last time. Included links to each page (opens a new window). I also “liked” each of the entries through Facebook. Except John’s. I got an error. poop.

“The Bet”: down 5%
Michael Dunn: up 381%
Chris Smith: down 54%
Matt Wilkinson: up 150%
Kurt Rauf: up 11%
Lou Diamond: up 17%
Courtney Gardner: down 25%
Walt Turner: up 4%
Mat Planet: down 20%
Shannon Sarver: down 40%
John McClain: up 4%
Rachel Bellinsky: up 41%
Drew Marvick: up 36%
Mike Minnick: down 42%
“An Uncommon Wager: The Making of ‘The Bet'”: up 42%