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Full disclosure: My bookmark to IMDb goes to The Bet’s page. Why? I like to see how the fickle “MOVIEmeter” ranks the film and those associated with it. It updates every week, and I thought it would be fun to share what it says about the film (i’m sure my snooping skews the percentages) and its particpants (and other random tidbits I find).

The Bet: up 4%
Michael Dunn: up 29%
Chris Smith: up 57%
Matt Wilkinson: down 17%
Kurt Rauf: down 9%
Lou Diamond: up 58%
Courtney Gardener: up 6%
Walt Turner: down 66%
Mat Planet: down 23%
Shannon Sarver: down 41%
John McClain: down 36%
Rachel BellinskY: up 25%
Drew Marvick: up 167%
Mike Minnick: down 43

So that’s who i’ll be tracking. For no reason other than, um, posterity. I do, of course, also check on “An Uncommon Wager” and “Foreplay” on occasion… but we’ll stick to the above.