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How’s that for a title?

I got an email today from the Vice President of Acquisitions for After Dark Films (yes, that is part of the awesome), asking what the status was of “The Bet” and if a screener was available (second part of the awesome). I already knew what was going to come of this, knowing that After Dark Films are the creators of the awesome “Films to Die for” events and subsequent DVD releases. Clive Barker’s Dread is in their latest collection, and I’m dying to see it.

The “disappointing” bit comes because (and I knew this) they only distribute features. Grrr. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to reply to an email and say it’s “only” a short. But that’s how it goes. And it sucks to have to say “only.” I both wish shorts were more respected and viable distribution specimens and that we’d had the money to produce a feature.

Well, so it goes. One day the title will be just “Awesome” without the disclaimer.