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Can’t say it was a bad year. Wasn’t a great year. Definitely an interesting one.

Laid off and out of work for four months before getting hired at MGM MIRAGE – funny thing about that being is that i used to be the ad guy, now i’m the corporate guy. you know the song “triangle man” by they might be giants? well, after i started i kept singing in my head: “agency man, agency man, agency man hates corporate man, they have a fight, corporate wins, corporate man.”

Most exciting thing that’s happened is an opportunity to do a campaign for the las vegas-based cirque du soleil shows. whatever comes of it, it’s been fun to do some advertising again – with chris, no less. he does some freelance every now and then.

Speaking of freelance, i’ve had a couple projects come my way which have been a nice addition to my bank account – and a fresh client for my portfolio.

Also got addicted to LittleBigPlanet. love it. i could spend forever playing. there’s something so amazing about the style, like a little crafty, handmade stage. love it.

During my hiatus, i took my first solo road trip and visited my good pal rachel in san diego. crashed on her couch (and thankfully not on the freeway). petted her dog non-stop (that’s not a euphemism). had fun, chatted and chilled. (and was introduced to agave nectar).

Wrote a horror film while i was unemployed. it pretty much sucked, but was fun to write. Also finally got feedback on Detox – positive, no less. We’ll wrap that one up shortly. Also working on plotting Beautiful and hope to have it moving along to get feedback early next year.

Also decided to work on the next DVXUser scriptfest (whatever it may be). I have less than a week to write one for the current fest (BetryalFest), but if i can bust out a feature in a week, i hope i can bang out 6 pages for a short. Definitely no lack of things to be working on. Just not much time to work on them.

That’s my goal going into the new year. More time on the stuff that matters.

It’s a thought.