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We have decided to forgo further contests due to a lack of funds for entry fees. Instead, we are polishing the latest and final draft which will be sent for a paid critique (yeah, I said we had a lack of funds) and then we will be packaging it up for presentation to a producer whom we know through a friend. It’s doubtful he will toss out a wad of cash to produce the film (we are also submitting the recently finished Under to him as well), but our hope is he might know someone who would be interested in tossing out a wad of cash.

Pretty much all we are doing (and by “we,” I mean “Chris,” since he’s working on the latest draft while I banged out Under) is tightening up the characters’ motivations/arc/etc. That’s the one thing I felt was missing. And now we’ve got a handle on it. Otherwise, we (Chris and I) both think it’s a rockin’ awesome script.