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In response to an article about the verizon guy and that chad guy (i swear he’s the “O face” dude from Office Space) for alltel, i found this:

When I was in high school, I worked at the local K-Mart.

That’s right. Jealous much?

I was a cashier…then I was promoted to the Books/Stationary section. And in the summer months, I also covered Lawn and Garden. Outdoor duty…sweetness.

My most reflected upon memory of that glorious time, was one day, talking with an employee from another dept – like children’s apparel or something.

I can’t remember her name, but I remember our conversation crystal clearly.

I was 17. She was maybe, MAYBE, a year older. And she was so supremely happy with her lot in life.

She was engaged to a fella who wanted to be a cop. (Wasn’t a cop, wasn’t in cop school, but wanted to be a cop.) She LOVED working at K-mart. Loved the discount. Loved working with children’s clothes. Couldn’t wait to get married. Couldn’t wait to have kids.

I asked her about college or travel or seeking anything outside her current realm.

Complete disinterest. She had what she felt was everything. A job she enjoyed. A man she loved. Plans for marriage and a little place to raise rugrats.

Part of me was completely aghast at her. No other goals than to be married and kid-ridden before she was even legal to drink.

But another part of me, and I remember this as such a strong reaction, was kinda envious. While I have my doubts about her contentedness lasting for decades to come, I had never met anyone so happily satisfied with their state of being.

It was like talking to a Martian. A really pleasant Martian.

Maybe Chad is content with his lot.

Or maybe he’s just a Martian.

p.s. “You’re still a ding dong.” does make me laugh. It doesn’t make me want to buy into Alltell, but it does make me laugh.

I love the comments section.