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My best friend and co-writer of “The Bet” and Detox, Chris Smith said that when you tell people that you’re working on something it takes the wind out of the sails. This blog is mostly just my own diary that I have decided for whatever reason to make public, so I don’t really think I’m “telling people” much if I tell it here – for all you, oh, 3 readers. Anyway. I’ve gotten 50 pages into a script (which translates to 50 minutes of screen time) that is a full-on horror script. Blood, fun and mayhem. And, yes, boobies. I’m hoping to be done with the first draft by the end of this fourth of July weekend (family vacations and fireworks are impeding my progress). At any rate, this one is A) low budget, B) fun and scary (the way “popular” horror films are) and C) as my producer friend mentioned – serializable. Yes, this could have sequels. And yes, it’s fun. And yes, there’s boobies – another genre favourite.

So, challenging my dear Smitty’s advice, I think there’s something good here.