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  • Still unemployed, though not poor enough to start whining. I’m getting scarily accustomed to not having a job. Finding a new schedule comprised of family-centric tasks. Odd.
  • Really studied script structure over the past few weeks – thanks largely to Michael Hauge’s 6-stage Script Structure and this one. Helped to rewrite the first act of Detox, and – soon – the rest of the script.
  • May have figured out the key to the new script – which will be called a “weapon of mass depravity.”
  • Getting a handle on the photography thing. Got my terms sorted and my focus pulled. Just need some interesting subjects. And some lights. And a meter. And a Lens Baby. … kidding. The gadgets are all nice and fine, but I really love being able to shoot in natural light, which is so unlike my usual aesthetic. Maybe because I don’t have all the gadgets.
  • Finally getting my car serviced. 8000+ miles after his last checkup was due. And two more new tires. That means…
  • Road trip is imminent. Gonna head out to see my uber friend Rachel – hopefully – May 29th. I’m gonna be shooting a video for her song “Virgins” as soon as money doesn’t suck and maybe get in a less expensive one (or two) on the way. Because…
  • I got a Steadicam Merlin. Borrowed it from a friend and it kills the jello effect of the D90. So I can actually shoot handheld video that doesn’t make you wanna puke. I just gotta learn how to fly it. You can see a comparison of with and without the Merlin HERE.
  • Besides all that, I’m really starting to see myself as a person, rather than an employee. Weird thing, that. No one is my boss. And that’s making me become my own boss. And that means I’m slowly – very slowly – becoming more aware of what I’m doing and why. And what to change and how. And what I like about myself. Sadly, the last of those is tougher to solve. But I’m getting better. And I’ve lost 9 pounds. Just another 40 to go. I think I need to actually exercise to get there, though.