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Don’t cry for me, I’m not without income. But I am without schedule, sadly something I was really, oddly, addicted to. It’ll be 1:45 and I try to tell myself I need to eat, but I don’t know what to eat and spend the next 20 minutes and realize I need to go to the shower and pick up my elder son son from school (my life is now governed by half-hours – half-hour to shower, half-hour to get kid, half-hour to eat, etc).

The job I was really hoping to get was given to some other… someone. Um, yeah. Fuck it.

Did I mention I blew a tire, my battery decided to fuck off and my tires, in some sort of odd mutiny – one of my few consistent comrades, BAT BOY, is even giving up on me – decided to enhance my daily fatigue -by getting out of alignment or balance or whatever makes him shimmy and shake and swerve across the freeway. Now, that I realized the damn guy’s out of warranty. Maybe it’s his lack of bathing got him, BB, on edge.

Today I watched the end of Donkey Punch, a fair thriller, though it was tough to hear what they were saying in subdued tones late at night with their Leeds accent (and only got to watch the last half hour with the sound up). Then watched, in stops and starts (those half-hours again), what may be the best film I’ve seen in… years: The Orphanage. It’s like a remake of Poltergeist without copping to the remake fuckery and actually one-upping the original. I called them out, then nearly cried, then nearly cried, then was haunted by then film the rest of the day.

As far as what I’m doing? I’ve revamped the Rubbersquare site, spent much time understanding script structure to where I can finally understand it (and watch The Orphanage and absolutely love it and recommend it and recognize the script structure (and Poltergeist-ness of it), and am rewriting Detox and making sure the new script follows it (which oddly they both already do to a large extent). There’s the Detox novelization and a really exciting Mother’s Day gift which just emerged today and got me more excited than I’ve been in weeks.