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Yes, I’m a bit… insane, bored, pick your own adjective. Just don’t share. But I completely revamped the revamped Rubbersquare site. Why? Because I want something a bit lighter. And I figured out how to get a text feed into Flash whilst keeping the formatting. No, it’s not a live update from the soon to be awesome Rubbersquare blog – different from the rubberblog in that the Rubbersquare blog will be press releases, verses the random rants of my head on rubberblog… but anyway. The new BETA site is live at rubbersquare/beta and would appreciate feedback if you are so willing.

Some things to keep in mind, though, are that at this juncture, only the “The Bet” and “Suffer” buttons will produce content. But like the previous revamp, the “Hallway” and “Foreplay” buttons will eventually, before the wide release, give you what you’re looking for. I decided to emphasize revenue-generating links first. Call me arrogant. Call me unemployed. Blah. Also, the news feed is temporarily feeding from random “see if it works” content, but will – eventually – feed from the very newly created Rubbersquare news blog. I am retrofitting that beast as we/I speak.

In the meantime, let me know what you think. Fail, win, etc. I am thick-skinned and can take (and actually hope for) criticism.