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I got spam on my Vimeo account which, oddly enough, led to a torrent of “The Bet.” I know nothing about torrents. Except that it pisses me off people can download the film without paying – and paying me. Anyone who knows how to get torrents deleted, please let me know.

Anyway, what was particularly interesting is the Director’s Biography they have for me:

Con-turned-filmmaker Michael Dunn (*22 November 1970, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) directed The Bet. Convicted of several rape crimes in 1995, and sentenced to 5 years in prison, Dunn continued his work as screenwriter. Texas prison proved to be harsh, but he survived. There, he wrote a biography about himself, in it, explaining some of the issues he has with women. At Sundance, Hollywood Producer Mischa Barton, stated in 2008: “He’s not a bad filmmaker, but as a woman, and knowing about his past, I would always stay at least half a mile away from this guy….” Dunn is currently working on another short film, again, about violence against women.

I may use this as my bio from now on.

I have no idea where they got that info – it’s clearly not true – and it’s not like they just stuck some random info in there (unless they have a template that replaces specific info). It’s my birthday and hometown the have listed. Just. Weird.