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We have “The Bet” for sell at Amazon, has been available there for quite awhile. That isn’t the odd part. What’s odd is that it shows there are 4 in stock, and in the breakdown of what’s available it shows: 2 new, 2 used. At first I thought it was strange that the used copies are selling for over double the cost of the new copies, over $32. Then I realized that they should have in stock 4 new copies. Any used ones should be in addition to those 4. The reason this bothers me is that, technically, if it’s being listed as used, it must have been sold, and if it’s been sold, I should have been paid for it. However, the seller, “any_book,” which has nearly half a million counts on its feedback, is somehow selling (at over twice the retail price) a used copy of a DVD they don’t even seem to technically own. Something’s fishy here. It’s almost as if Amazon is using this “any_book” name to get more money from customers (not that 55% of my sale is enough).