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I just watched the most interesting and inspiring video created from stills shot on the Nikon D90 – which makes me even more desperate to buy the fucking thing. Just. Wow. Using the 4.5 fps still shooting mode and putting that together with Twixtor, just created the most amazing display. Someone had mentioned shooting with a (sorry I forget which one, but one that shot still as at 13-or-so fps — maybe a D30?) and then running it through Twixtor.

I told the kids yesterday, when one of them made a comment about shooting video on their phone, that soon they would be the subject of many-a-video to which he was rather silent.

But, still, I tried to take a picture of the clouds crawling over our mountains (we have yet to name them, but they’re ours) and was pissed that the crappy little 5MP wasn’t cutting it. I have been spending a lot of time researching a lot about photography, f-stops, ISOs, the difference between fixed and variable lenses, the meter range or lenses, all that photo stuff to get ready for the (hopefully soon) d90 purchase.

ok. too drunk to continue.