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I just sent the rough draft of the setup – mentioned in the last entry – to Matt Wilkinson. As I said before, this lays the groundwork for the rest of the film. It clocked in at 24 pages, just shy of my 30-page goal, which translates to about the first half hour of the film. Since it’s rough, there’s a lot of “cheating” where the dialogue isn’t as good as it could be, where some character development is foggy (or non-existent), but, as it is, it’s not a bad bit of writing. There’s sex and humor, suspense and terror, blood and nudity. Still vague, I know. Hopefully Matt will be intrigued and we’ll move forward with it. Then I’ll be able to shed a little more light.

Matt’s finishing up a location scout and said he’d read it later tonight.

In Detox news, I’m contemplating whether or not to send it in for a critique. The place I’m looking at, ScriptCoach, charges $295 for a complete analysis with about 7-10 pages of notes on how to improve all elements of the script. Plus, it covers 10 pitches at Virtual Pitchfest. I think, once I get through the last few minor changes (and if we get enough back on our tax return), I might do it.