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I was Googling “The Bet” – hey, don’t judge – and saw it listed for sale at a new website. A lot of sites pull from Amazon, so I wasn’t freaked out. Until I saw that it was listed for a price lower than Amazon AND that they had 317 copies in stock (which no one but me has more than 20).

So I sent them a letter asking how they had permission to sell the film and how they had so many copies. They responded by saying (lack of caps is theirs):

thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

We will have the entry removed asap.

I will send you another confirmation notice, once removal has occurred.

Which makes me wonder if other films are being sold there illegally.

It’s entirely possible someone had bought the DVD and then sent it to them as their own. As quickly as they pulled it, though, without question or proof of my ownership of copyright, makes me suspicious.

Really? You have to rip off the little guy? Shit pisses me off.