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Well, Cinequest just sent a rejection letter (which, I must say, as much as a rejection letter sucks, it’s better than not hearing anything and just assuming you didn’t make it). We didn’t make it into the top ten finalists. Which kinda sucks because the top ten get feedback to make changes for resubmission into the finals. I’m dying for feedback on this thing. I think it’s good. Chris thinks it’s good. Kurt thinks it’s good. Oh well.

So, I’m now going in and breaking down the script to see how much it would take to shoot it ourselves. Not that we’d be able to get the cash, but, if it were doable at $200,000, then, well… maybe. But I can’t see that happening. Still, with a budget breakdown and a business plan, who knows.

Still waiting to hear from Wildsound, but after two rounds with no feedback from them, I think it’s a lost cause (and a lost $40).