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After too much tinkering, you can finally own “The Bet” – The Screenplay and Original Short Story from Rubbershop (which also has lots of other goodies) or directly from Lulu. You can also get a 24″ x 36″ print of either “The Bet” poster or the Detox teaser poster, as well.

The screenplay for “The Bet” by Michael Dunn & Chris Smith, available for the first time, is presented with the original short story by Michael Dunn. Together, they provide a unique insight into a moral tale, different in each medium, yet both with a strikingly powerful message.

In the hallway of a derelict building, a young woman is dumped and left. She is bound and gagged. Alone. The door on the opposite side of the hallway opens. Another man drags her away and into his room.

One minute. That’s the rule. One minute in each room.

As each of the two men wait for the minute to pass, biding their time in their unique way, they reveal more about the truth behind the game. And, slowly, the young woman will understand where she is and why she’s there.

Lulu is a print-on-demand service, but the entire book was laid out by me (yay, control freak) and looks pretty awesome. It’s a 72-page paperback and has a bunch of photos.

At some point (hopefully in the next few months), there’ll also be the Deluxe version, an 8.5″ square paperback with color photos, annotations on the script and story, storyboards, and whatever else I can pack into it to get the demons out and close the book (so to speak) on this chapter (another unintended pun) of my life. Well, at least until I get the soundtrack done. THEN I’ll be done with it.

So buy a copy now – or wait for the deluxe edition (which’ll be quite a bit more expensive) or, hey, buy both!