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I was playing around tonite, after my kid was worried that the “long-haired guy in the red shirt) in Tremors was gonna die. And I said, “Kevin Bacon won’t die!” Which prompted my son to ask who is Kevin Bacon. Which prompted me to tell him about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Which led me to this site which will connect any two actors. And while I didn’t come up in the search (bastards!), Walt Turner did with a degree of 2 (he was in Vegas: Based on a True Story with Nancy La Scala who was in In the Cut with Kevin Bacon. And since I was in “An Uncommon Wager: The Making of ‘The Bet'” with Walt, that puts me 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon. That’s kinda cool. And it puts me higher than Kaleigh who has a Bacon Number of 4 – yes, it took a long time to find someone higher than me. Fuck it.