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Kurt Rauf gave feedback on the latest draft of Detox. Kurt was the DP on “The Bet” and many other films, including My Name Is Bruce with his buddy Bruce Campbell. Kurt’s leaving to go to Michigan next week to catch the tour of MNIB. But he managed to get through the latest draft and make notes.

It’d be pretty much impossible to go into any kind of detail regarding the notes and have it make sense without having first read the script. So I won’t – at least not yet. What I will say is Kurt said we went from a mediocre script (draft 4) to a pretty damn good one. He agreed it was a drama that has horrific elements and thriller trappings, but it’s not a horror film, nor a thriller. He had absolutely no problems with the story/plot; his comments were mainly on dialogue (we were a bit wordy), artifacts of plot devices removed from previous drafts and some suggestions to punch up the characters a bit.

Still waiting for other responses, but so far, not too drastic of changes.

Oh, and today is the notification date for The Movie Deal. They haven’t posted the winners yet, but, based on previous experience, I’d say we’d have known by now if we won.