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yay. woot. and who gives a fuck.

if you’ve been around since last halloween, you’ll know how sucky it was last year. AND if you’ve been around since last halloween, why haven’t we had drinks?

i’m not looking forward to it (and it’s funny that i took a vacation during last halloween as well – though then i was finishing up the DVD for “The Bet” and this time i was supposed to be doing a website for someone who failed to provide any materials to do so, so I’ve been left to my own devices for the past three days) because i’m afraid i won’t see any return on investment – the decorating and all that, only to have 15 kids show up. not sure how to fix that. but i hope it’s better this year. or i’m putting razor blades in the apples next year (kidding).

there’s been shit for horror on tv this year. and i failed to plan ahead with a stockpile of DVDs. ugh. And, since my wife is working swing and my older son is out of school around 2, there’s really only a 4-hour window where i’m alone. meh.

we’ll see how this halloween goes. if nothing else, it’s not gonna be as good, because halloween last year was still surrounded by cool stuff with “the bet” – shooting interviews, a screening at shockerfest, the imminent DVD release, etc. this year… nothing. BUT, stay tuned for something that MIGHT be cool.